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Toyota 4Runner Repair and Maintenance Guides

Do it your self install and replacement instructions for the Toyota 4Runner SUV, How to guides.

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These Toyota 4Runner maintenance and repair guides are specifically for the 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 model vehicles. These DIY repair guides with picture illustrations are for owners how to fix and maintain their Toyota 4Runner Limited, SR5 and 4 wheel drive SUV. Owners of other Toyota and Lexus Trucks and SUV's like the FJ Cruiser, Highlander, Land Cruiser, Range Rover, RAV4, Sequoia, Sienna, Tacoma, T-100, Tundra, RX, GX and LX may find these do it yourself step by step instructions useful as well.

These how to guides are for picture illustration only and should not replace you specific vehicle's OEM instructions or requirements. Please refer to your owners manual, Chilton's manual, or Haynes manual for specific manufacturer maintenance intervals and recommended schedules. You can buy a manual from most auto parts stores like Pep Boys, Autozone, Advanced Auto Parts or Napa. We had our Limited 4Runner for 11 years and it never broke down, if you maintain your 4Runner it will last a very long time. Please read the disclaimer. I hope my repair guides are useful to you.

How To Change the Headlight on a Toyota 4Runner How To Replace the Headlight Bulb in a Toyota 4Runner SUV

This headlight replacement guide is for the 2003-2013 model Toyota 4Runner. Although the body style has changed over the years changing the headlight on the 4Runner and installing a new one is basically the same. Toyota 4 Runner headlight bulb part numbers listed as well.

Toyota 4Runner Map Light Replacement Guide How to Change the Map Light in a Toyota 4Runner

This is a simple guide on how to remove the map light in a Toyota 4Runner that stopped working. Install a new overhead light bulb that burnt out in a Toyota SUV or Truck. The front interior light uses a 168 flat wedge replacement bulb and is easily removed with your fingers once you have taken off the map light lens cover.

Toyota Key Fob Battery Replacement Guide How to Replace the Battery in a Toyota Key Fob

This guide to how to change the battery in a Toyota Key Fob is simple and covers most Toyota models from 2000-2013. The step by step instructions show you how to remove a dead keyless remote battery and replace it.

Toyota Key Fob Programming Guide Instructions How to Program a Toyota Key Fob

If you need to program a new key fob or reprogram an old one to your Toyota this guide will walk you through the steps so you can do it yourself without having to pay a lot of money to the dealership. If your key fob stopped working you may need to buy a new one and program it to work with your Toyota car, truck, or SUV.

How to Change the Dome Light in a Toyota 4Runner SUV How to Change the Dome Light in a Toyota 4Runner

This is a simple guide with pictures on how to replace the dome light bulbs in a Toyota 4Runner SUV. This guide is helpful to owners of all Toyota SUV's and Trucks as they have similar dome light assemblies and overhead light lens covers. Removing the dome light lens cover is easy and only requires a small flat head screw driver. A lot of people like to replace the standard OEM bulbs with LED replacement lights because they are brighter and last longer.

How to Replace the Tail, Brake, Reverse, Turn Signal in a Toyota 4Runner How to Replace the Tail Light Bulb in a Toyota 4Runner

Change the burnt out tail light, reverse light, tail light and turn signal flasher light bulb in a Toyota 4Runner SUV. This guide will help owners remove a old rear light bulb and install a new tail light bulb in the Toyota 4Runner  back light assembly housing in the trunk of the 4th and 5th generation T4R.

Toyota 4Runner Fuse Box Location and Diagram Toyota 4Runner Fuse Box Location and Diagram

Knowing how to find the fuse box in a Toyota 4Runner can be difficult if you don't know where to look. This fuse box location guide shows you where the fuse box is located under the hood and how to find the fuse panel diagram. The fuse box also holds many of the electrical relay's for the vehicle. This fuse box location is from a 4th generation 2003-2009 6 cylinder SUV Limited edition but is should be similar to the SR5 and 4 wheel drive models as well.

Toyota 4Runner Battery Change and New Install Guide How To Replace the Battery In a Toyota 4Runner

This is a do it yourself guide to changing out an old dead battery from a Toyota 4Runner or Truck and installing a new replacement engine battery. This guide covers 1989-2014 Toyota 4Runner SUV and Truck and includes a battery size chart and OEM battery Cold Cranking Amp (CCA) requirements.

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