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Toyota 4Runner Headlight Bulb Replacement Guide

How to change a burnt out head light bulb in a Toyota 4Runner, fix, replace and install a new headlight bulb.

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This how to guide is to help those who want to change the burnt out or old headlight bulb in the Toyota 4Runner SUV that has gone out. This specific vehicle in this guide is the 2003 Toyota 4Runner Limited and the OEM low beam headlight bulb is the 9006 which is the same for the 2004 and 2005 4Runner as well. The 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 models use the H11 low beam headlight bulb. All 4Runner models 2003-2013 use the 9005 Halogen High Beam bulb. This headlight replacement manual should help owners for all years as the headlight assembly is similar in all models as far as bulb install and removal. Owners of other Toyota models like the Camry, Avalon, Corolla, Rav4, Highlander, FJ Curiser, Land Cruiser, Matrix, Prius, Tacoma Truck, Sequoia and similar Lexus models like the IS350, LS350, GS350 Models may find this headlight removal and install information helpful as well. Please refer to your owners manual for specific OEM requirements and installation instructions before attempting any maintenance repairs. The headlight bulbs are available at most auto parts stores like Pep Boys, Autozone, Napa, and Advanced Auto Parts. Please read the disclaimer.

Tools Needed: None - Bulbs: H11, 9006, 9005, Headlight Lens Cleaner

2003 Toyota 4Runner Silver
2003 Toyota 4Runner
2003-2005 Toyota 4Runner Headlight Assembly
Toyota 4Runner Headlight
Toyota 4Runner Hood Release
In order to remove and replace the bad headlight bulb you will first need to access the engine compartment by lifting the hood.

The hood release lever is located under the steering column on the driver side.

4Runner Hood Release Lever
Toyota 4 Runner Popped Hood
4Runner Hood Release Latch
Pull the hood release lever until you hear the hood "pop".

Once you have popped the hood on the 4Runner you will need to reach your hand under the grill and depress the hood latch until the hood is free and you can lift the hood.

Toyota 4Runner Engine Bay
2003-2005 4Runner Low Beam
4Runner Low Beam Headlight Clip
Warning - If your hood does not have the hood support gas shocks that hold the hood up you will need to use the hood rod to hold it up.

The headlight bulbs are located at the front of the vehicle on either side within the headlight assembly. The Toyota 4Runner low beam headlight bulb is located on the outside closest to the right or left fender depending on what side you are working on. If you are looking directly at the front of the vehicle the low beams are on the outside and the high beams are on the inside closest to the grill.

4Runner Headlight Clip
Remove Low Beam Wiring Clip
4Runner Headlight Assembly
Remove the headlight bulb electrical retaining clip or boot by depressing the tab and pulling straight down.
Toyota Headlight 1/4 Turn
4Runner Dead Headlight Bulb
4Runner New 9006 Headlight Bulb
To remove the Low Beam Toyota 4Runner headlight bulb you will need to Rotate the old headlight bulb a quarter (1/4) of a turn counter clockwise and pull it straight out.

The low beam headlight bulb for the 2003-2005 4Runner is the 9006 Low Beam Bulb.
The low beam headlight for the 2006-2013 4Runner is the H11 Low Beam Bulb.
The high beam headlight bulb for the 2003-2013 4Runner is the 9005 High Beam Bulb.

When installing the new headlight bulb repeat the steps in reverse, be sure not to touch the new bulb with your fingers as the oil on you hands will shorten the life of the bulb. If you do touch the headlight bulb lens clean it with a little rubbing alcohol before you install it.

Toyota 4Runner High Beam Bulb
4Runner High Beam Retention Clip
4Runner High Beam 1/4 Turn
To remove the Toyota 4Runner high beam bulb you will need to remove the black headlight bulb retaining harness by pushing in on the tab and pulling the headlight bulb connector straight down.

Rotate the high beam bulb a quarter (1/4) of a turn counter clockwise and pull straight out.

Dead 9005 High Beam Bulb
New 4Runner 9005 Headlight Bulb
The OEM and aftermarket 2003-2013 Toyota 4Runner high beam headlight bulb is part number 9005 and is manufactured by several companies including Sylvania, SilverStar, AC Delco and aftermarket Xeon Blue bulbs made by companies like Putco and Nokya. To install the new high beam bulb reverse the steps and be sure not to touch your fingers to the glass of the new bulb or it will shorten the life of the bulb. You can clean the glass with a napkin and some rubbing alcohol if you touch it by mistake.

If you are having problems with low visibility and dim headlights or your lenses are cloudy you may need to get a headlight lens cleaner. You can buy headlight lens cleaner at any auto parts store or Walmart with instructions on how to clean and polish your headlights to improve your headlight performance. The headlight polish will clean the oxidization that builds up on the plastic lenses. It is pretty simple and you can use a drill to buff the lenses or a hand rag. The headlight restoration kits can improve the brightness of your headlights dramatically.

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