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Carmike Cinemas (Used to be Muvico) West Palm Beach IMAX Theater at City Place

West Palm Beach Parisian 20 and IMAX Movie Theater at City Place Review and Pictures

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Twice a month my wife and I like to go out for dinner and a movie and we usually go to the Carmike Cinemas, formally Muvico Theater, location at City Place in downtown West Palm Beach Florida. The theater is located upstairs at City Place across from the West Palm Beach Blue Martini Lounge and Bar. We really enjoy this theater location because they have an IMAX Theater which is which is capable of displaying an image up to 1.43:1 which is 40% more than standard cinemas. Muvico in West Palm Beach also has RealD 3D Movies and D-Box motion seating for an intense movie experience. Muvico also offers reserved seating so you can pick your seats ahead of time when you buy your movie tickets. The Muvico Premier Bar and Lounge is located inside on the third floor and has Latin music and dancing every Friday and Saturday night. If you go to the movies at Muvico at City Place be sure to bring your parking ticket, you can validate your parking for City Place at Muvico and get an additional 3 hours free parking.

Perisian 20 Carmike Cinemas (used to be Muvico) is located at:
545 Hibiscus St., West Palm Beach, FL 33401
Phone: 800-326-3264

Muvico Upstairs
Muvico Information Desk
If you sign up for the Muvico newsletter you get a coupon for a Free Popcorn, it's simple and they send it to you right away. Also ask for the Muvico Muvistar Rewards program card at the information desk and you get 1 credit for every movie ticket you buy and 4 credits for every visit to the concession stand. Once you get to 30 credits you get a Free Movie Ticket! That is not a bad deal when you go to the movies twice a month. You can purchase tickets to Muvico on their website or through sites like Fandango and still be able to pick your seats. With reserved seating you don't have to worry about someone getting to the theater before you and you end up in the front row looking up.
Muvico IMAX Theater City Place Ticket Booth
Muvico Ticket Booth
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Watching a movie in an IMAX theater in Palm Beach is an exhilarating big screen experience, the larger screen and intense digital picture brings the movie to life. IMAX uses the worlds highest resolution cameras to capture images in ways like never before. If you have never experienced an IMAX film you are missing out, IMAX also offers 3D movies. Muvico at City Place in West Palm Beach also has D-Box seating which is motion seating that moves with the movie action and vibrating seats that make you feel like you are in the movie.
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