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Toyota 4Runner Tail Light Replacement Guide

How to change and install the tail, brake, reverse back up and rear turn signal light bulb in a Toyota 4Runner SUV.

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This guide to how to replace the burnt out tail light bulb in a Toyota 4Runner is for owners of the 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 model Limited and SR5 SUV. But owners of the 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 4Runner's may also find these do it yourself brake light replacement instructions useful as well. The bulb part numbers are the same and the tail light housing assembly is similar. The tail light, brake light, turn signal and reverse light bulb's are all together within the Toyota 4Runner tail light assembly housing and are easily accessed through the rear tail gate. The replacement tail light and brake light bulb is a 7443 incandescent mini bulb. The rear turn signal light bulb is a 922 or a 7440A amber aftermarket replacement bulb and the reverse back up light bulb is a 921 mini bulb. These OEM replacement bulbs are available from many manufactures like Sylvania, GE, Philips and are also available in LED by companies like Putco and Pilot. Toyota 4Runner replacement bulbs can be purchased at any auto parts store like Autozone, Pep Boys, Napa and Advanced Auto Parts for between $5 and $10 a pair. Read disclaimer.

Tools Needed: Flathead screwdriver

Toyota 4Runner Tail Light Assembly
4Runner Tail Light Access Panel
Pry Open Rear Light Access Panel
The tail light, brake light, reverse light and turn signal bulbs are all located in the tail light assembly in the trunk of the Toyota 4Runner. To access the rear break light housing you will need to open the access panel located on the wall near the back of the vehicle. There are two access panels on the driver side, one is for the jack and tool kit and the other is for access to the tail light bulb housing.
Brake Light Access Panel Cover
Tail Light Access Panel Cover
4Runner Tail Light Wire Harness
You may use a flathead screwdriver, a car key or a fingernail to pry open the rear tail light access panel cover. Once you remove the side access panel cover you can see the wire harness for the dual purpose tail light and brake light bulb socket.
Brake Light Wiring Clip
Toyota Tail/Brake Light Bulb
7443 Multi Purpose Mini Light Bulb
Remove the tail light wire harness clip by pressing down on the tab and pulling it straight off.

Turn the brake light bulb socket a quarter (1/4) of a turn counter clockwise and then pull the whole bulb assembly straight out.

Once you have removed the plastic bulb assembly you will need to remove the burnt out bulb from the plastic retaining socket by pulling it out with your hands. The combination tail/brake light bulb replacement part is a 7443 clear mini bulb. Once you have removed the old tail light bulb you can install the new tail light bulb in the OEM socket.

4Runner Rear Light Bulb Assembly
Replace Wire Harness
Close Rear Light Access Panel
Install the new stop light bulb and socket and turn it clockwise until it is snug, replace the wire harness and test the light by turning the lights on and having someone press on the brake pedal.

The Reverse light bulb is located below the tail light bulb socket and it does not have a wire harness that needs to be removed. Simply give the back up light socket a quarter turn counter clockwise and remove it from the housing. Once the old bulb is out you will need to remove it from the plastic retention light socket in order to install the new reverse light bulb. The back up light bulb for the Toyota 4Runner is the 921 mini bulb.

The Turn signal light is located above the tail light socket and you will need to reach your hand up in the tail light access panel to reach it. Remove the blinker bulb and socket the same way as the other bulbs. The aftermarket replacement bulb is the 922 or 7440A amber color flasher bulb.

Access Panel Replaced
After you have finished changing the light bulbs in the tail light assembly you may put the access panel cover back in place. This exterior light install guide may also be helpful to owners of similar model vehicles who need to fix a burnt out light bulb like the Camry, Avalon, Corolla, Rav4, Highlander, FJ Curiser, Land Cruiser, Matrix, Prius, Tacoma Truck, Sequoia and similar Lexus models like the IS350, LS350, GS350 Model Trucks, Crossovers, and SUVs. You should always refer to your owners manual for OEM maintenance time intervals, specifications and replacement parts for your vehicle before beginning any repairs. If you do not have an owners manual or repair guide you can purchase a Chilton Manual or Haynes Manual. You may also be interested in other repair guides Toyota 4Runner Maintenance and Repair Guides, Toyota Camry Repair and Maintenance Guides for additional install guides. After market LED bulbs and replacement LED kits are available online and in some auto parts stores. You may also install a replacement LED tail light assembly for brighter performance rear brake lights.
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