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Toyota Camry Tail Light Bulb Replacement Guide

How to change the tail light, brake light, turn signal and back up light bulb in a Toyota Camry

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This tail light replacement guide is for how to change the tail light bulb in a Toyota Camry 7th generation 2012 model car. But these do it yourself instructions may also be helpful to owners of the 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 L, LE, XLE, SE, XLE V6, SE V6, and Hybrid 6th generation and some 2013 model Camry's as well. The tail light assembly holds the combination tail and brake light bulbs, the side marker bulbs and the Camry turn signal bulbs. Replacing the back up or reverse light bulb is also accomplished from the trunk compartment and the reverse light assembly is located on the trunk lid. The OEM replacement bulbs are supplied at most auto parts stores like Autozone, Advanced Auto Parts, Napa, and Pep Boys and can be purchased for $5-$10 a pair. It is always a good idea to replace the bulbs on both sides because incandescent light bulbs get dimmer over time and can lose about 20% of their brightness. Please refer to your owners manual for how often you need to change your rear light bulbs and for accurate OEM tail light bulb replacement part numbers. Read disclaimer.

Tools Needed: Flat head screwdriver

Toyota Camry Tail Light Assembly
Toyota Camry Trunk Release Lever
Camry Trunk Liner Rivet
If you are wondering how to access the rear exterior lights in a Toyota Camry so you can replace a light bulb that stopped working you will first need to open the trunk. The trunk release is located on the driver's side floor right in front of the seat. Lift the handle with the picture of the car with the trunk open and you should hear the trunk pop.
Remove Trunk Liner Rivet
Plastic Trunk Liner Retaining Clip
Toyota Camry Cargo Net Hook
To access the tail light assembly bulbs you will need to remove the trunk liner and the plastic cover that protects the bottom trunk opening.

In order to remove the trunk liner rivets use a flat head screwdriver to lift the center of the rivet which will release pressure on the plastic retaining clip so you can pull it straight out. You will also need to remove the cargo net hook by pressing in on the center button and then pulling it straight out.

Remove Plastic Cargo Hook
Rivet in Trunk Guard
Remove Retention Clips
Remove all of the trunk liner rivets from the plastic trunk guard as well.
Toyota Camry Cargo Guard
Cargo Gaurd
Remove Cargo Guard From Wall
Once you have removed the rivets in the Camry trunk liner and the plastic trunk guard you will need to remove the trunk cargo guard by pulling it away from the interior. You should be able to pull it away with your hands, it is held in by plastic push type fasteners on the backside.
Toyota Trunk Guard Removed
Toyota Camry Tail Light Access
Toyota Camry Tail Light Assembly
Pull back the side trunk liner to access the tail light assembly. Remove the tail light wiring harness clip by pushing down on the tab and pulling it straight off.
Camry Tail Light Wiring Harness
Remove Tail Light Bulb
Toyota Camry Side Marker Light Socket
Turn the light socket assembly a quarter turn counter clockwise and pull it straight out of the hole.

The top bulb is the rear side marker bulb, you will need to pull the burnt out bulb out of the plastic retaining socket to install the new side marker bulb. The replacement part number for the side marker bulb is the wedge style 168 or 194 mini bulb.

The middle bulb assembly is the Toyota Camry turn signal light bulb and the replacement part number is the 7440 or 7440A amber bulb depending on your model. Please check your owners manual for the flasher bulb your vehicle requires.

Toyota Camry Brake Light Socket
Toyota 7443 Tail/Brake Light Assembly
Remove Stop Light Bulb
The bottom light socket is the dual mode tail light bulb and brake light bulb. When you have your lights on this bulb acts as your rear tail light marker and when you push on the brake pedal the combination bulb lights the second filament for the stop light. Once you have removed the rear stop light bulb socket you can pull the dead light bulb out.
Toyota 7443 White Light Bulb
New Replacement Tail Light Bulb
Replace Trunk Liner Rivets
The new replacement stop light bulb is the 7443 dual purpose tail/brake light bulb.
Toyota Camry Trunk Lid Liner
Toyota Camry Trunk Door
Trunk Lid Liner Rivet
The Toyota Camry reverse light bulbs and the license plate light bulbs are located in the trunk lid and you will need to remove the trunk lid liner to change the back up lights. There were 13 retaining clips or rivets in the trunk lid in the 2012 Camry. Once you have removed all of the plastic push in rivets you will need to carefully remove the trunk lid liner around the safety trunk release.
Camry Exposed Reverse Lights
Back Up Light Bulb Assembly
Reverse Light Wiring Harness
In order to replace the reverse light in the Toyota Camry you will need to remove the plastic wiring harness by pressing down on the tab and pulling it straight back.
Remove the Reverse Light Bulb
Camry Reverse Light Bulb Removed
Toyota Camry Reverse Light 921

Turn the back up light bulb socket a quarter of a turn counter clockwise and pull it straight out of the hole in the trunk lid. Remove the Toyota Camry reverse light bulb from the plastic bulb assembly by pulling it straight out. The OEM replacement and aftermarket part number for the reverse light bulb is a style 921 clear wedge bulb.

The License plate light bulbs are located in the center of the trunk lid and their replacement bulb number is 2825.

Before you replace the trunk liner make sure you test the new light bulbs first in case the lights are not working after you replace the bulb. Check to make sure you have reattached all of the wiring harnesses securely. If the lights are still not working you may have a blown fuse or relay. See the Toyota Camry Fuse Box Location and Diagram for further assistance in finding the fuse or relay location. Please see Toyota Camry Maintenance and Repair Guides for more DIY replacement instructions.

There are many manufactures of these bulbs like Sylvania, GE, AC Delco and Philips. There are also replacement LED tail light and turn flasher bulbs that you may also want to try made by companies like Putco and Pure. LED bulbs may not work for all replacement bulbs as they may not be bright enough. When installing LED replacement bulbs you may also need to install an LED Flasher Module and Load Resistors so please do your research before attempting an LED mod.

This how to remove the tail light bulb guide may also be helpful to owners of similar model vehicles like the Toyota, Lexus and Scion models such as the Corolla, Solara, Avalon, Celica, Corona, Cressida, Matrix, Supra, Tercel, Paseo, Venza, MR2, Yaris, Echo, IS 250, ES 350, GS 350, LS 460, IQ, TC, XB, and XD. Some newer model vehicles use LED tail light assemblies which you can not replace the individual bulbs in, instead you will have to change out the tail light assembly housing completely. Before attempting any automotive maintenance or repair please refer to your owners manual for specific OEM guidelines, part numbers and maintenance intervals on when to change the Camry light bulbs.

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